Emergency Info

Emergency Info

In spite of your care, you may occasionally do some damage to your braces. You may be able to solve many problems temporarily, until you schedule a repair appointment. Once you have started your orthodontic treatment, below are some hints that will help you get used to your braces.

New Appliance

The teeth are usually sore for anywhere from a few hours to several days. If the teeth are sore, eat softer foods at first: soups, pastas, mashed potatoes, shakes, smoothies, etc. Tylenol® or Ibuprofen (Motrin®, Advil®) will help alleviate tenderness.

Loosening of Teeth

The teeth will become loose as they start to move. This is more pronounced in the early stages of treatment and is more noticeable in the front teeth. This is normal and the teeth will tighten in the later stages of treatment.


If you take part in athletics, it is important that you consult us for special precautions. Mouthguards are indicated in almost all circumstances. We will provide you with orthodontic mouth guards specially designed for use with braces.

Emergency Appointments

As a general rule, an emergency appoint is made when there is a loose band, brace, or appliance, severe pain, a broken wire or something sticking out that you cannot take care of yourself. If something does not seem right and you have a question you should not hesitate to call. Many situations can be handled over the phone.

Loose Brackets or Bands

If a bracket or band becomes loose, call the office. It is usually necessary to re-cement the bracket or band within a week. Please call the office as soon as you are aware a bracket is loose.

Wire Irritations

If a wire on your braces is causing an irritation, try pushing it away from the area being irritated by using the eraser end of a pencil or a cotton swab. If the wire cannot be tucked away, cover the end with a small piece of wax or cotton ball. You may also cut the wire with nail clippers.

Fingernail clippers are a useful home remedy for cutting wires. Please wash the clippers with alcohol and rinse them with water before using them and place tissue or cotton behind the wire to catch the piece of wire that is cut off.

Lost Separators

It is quite common for some patients to lose at least one separator during the process that prepares your mouth for braces. Most of the time separators do not need to be replaced. For more information about separators, please view the Separators clip in the Care Videos section of our website.